Rambling thought on: Black Clover


Black Clover

A Rambling Thought

I heard a few things about Black Clover; that it wasn't great, that its slow and that it’s pretty boring, but I needed something to watch while exercising and I thought “why not this should be good enough”. First off I don't know what those people were talking about, this is great. Secondly, I hated myself a bit for not watching it sooner.


Black Clover reminds me a bit of Fairy Tail, on account of all the magic, except Black Clover (at least so far) has far less fun service. In fact, there is more male nudity then there is female nudity. That might seem like a weird positive, but when you've watched as much anime as me it’s refreshing to see dudes final getting the nude scenes like the girls get (as a man) I can say finally it’s our time.


(Also I heard a rumor that the Senran Kagura guys want to make a game targeted at girls. If it’s exactly like their other games except with big musclier guys hitting each other’s clothes off, I want it sooo, bad lol).


What else, oh right I'm writing about Black Clover, not dudes getting naked and fighting, sorry I got a bit distracted there. Other Stuff I enjoyed about Black Clover, is that the story has more modern shonen storytelling elements much like My Hero Academia, where the Main Character isn't the Soul focus of the story, that Other characters are stronger then the MC, and character actually have growth, charge and back stories, you know the good stuff that makes a 3 dimensional character.


The art and animation is great too, but the dialogue scenes fall flat at times, especially when the characters are in the middle of a fight. They tend to awkwardly stand around and not react correctly when stuffs happening, which is very distracting, but the fighting scenes are awesome, so much effort is put into them.


So yeah, I would recommend it as a more “grown-up” version of Fairy Tail, which is an odd thing to say since it’s amid at kids. But at the same time don’t expect a story that will blow you away, The themes are the same we've seen a thousand times before just told through a more modern scope than say 10 years ago. Like I said before it’s great to watch while exercising because it gets your mind off what you’re doing.


Also, there is a chief that keeps doing Salt Bae meme which is kind of funny, but seem lame now because that meme died of so long ago it’s weird to see it now. So warning kid’s memes aren’t timeless and don’t put them in your content, Scum bug Steve out!