Outbreak Company Pop Art


Outbreak Company Pop Art

Featuring: Myucel and Petrarca Anne Erdrant III

Have you ever wondered what happens if you were to somehow introduce Japanese Otaku cutler (nerdy stuff like anime, manga and video games) to a Tolkien middle earth society? Well according to this shows the Middle Earth society forms a kind of drug addiction to the media, and becomes completely reliant on the Japanese government for more otaku stuff, an end result the evil Japanese government was planning on in order to exploit the middle earthers out of their land and resources… that’s not a joke the in this show about like characters will break down into fist fights over which small girl characters are the cutes, which just seems to be the embodiment of an internet forum. But then you think, wait! If I replace the otaku cutler with say drugs and alcohol suddenly the show becomes much darker and isn’t as fun as it seems and becomes unsettling… anyway, here is a pop art image of 2 of the main characters Myucel Foalan (the maid) and Petrarca Anne Erdrant III (the princess looking one and yes, I hate writing her name). For Reference, I used some DVD cover art.

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