Keijo Pop Art


Keijo Pop Art

Featuring Kotone Fujisaki and her Cerberus (should be Cerber-ass -_-)

Ok, let me see if I can do this… I must be very clever about how I write this otherwise people may think me strange. So, sports animes aren’t a new they’ve been around for a while usually based on Football or Basket Ball, I’ve even seen one about a bike riding team. But that’s not what is particular anime is about, Keijo is based on a made-up sport by the same name (Although I have heard that a Brazilin group have tried to replicate the sport I recommend googling it, probably use incognito mode) wherein this sport the contests stand on a platform in the middle of a pool at try to push each other off the platform, using only their bust and posture. So yeah that’s a show someone made… and I watched all of it… anyway, I drew this image of the character that I thought had the most interesting character design, most of the characters are pretty same, same, meaning their curvy anime girls in swimsuits. But there is one who’s trunk turns into a giant fire dog head so I went with that (using a panel from the manga as reference). Also, I want to add in the anime she calls the Dogs head Cerberus and I think they missed a golden opportunity to call it Cerberass, but that just me thinking.

So maybe show this to your friends that also enjoy water sports and see who can hold their breath the longest or something not creepy.