Interviews With Monster Girls Pop Art


Interviews With Monster Girls

Featuring: Hikari, Kyoko, Yuki and Sakie

What if supernatural creatures like vampires and headless horsemen excited? How would they integrate into modern society? Would they be welcomed or shunned? That’s what the story of Interviews with Monster Girls is all about. Asking that theoretical question that no one cares about (it’s actually a metaphor for modern society becoming more diverse with the integration of other cutlers, but that’s the boring part). In the series, you follow a vampire, Dullahan (headless horseman), Snow Woman and a Succubus and the struggles they go through as they interact with the modern world. The show is more so a human-interest story then a comedy or parody of itself, so I recommend checking it out as it is oddly fascinating to watch. That’s why I drew the 4 main girls from the series referencing the covers of volume 1-4 of the mange.

Share this with any of your friends that liked the show or how maybe fell as if they don’t belong, as it’s a major theme in the series.