Cocka-Trump Grunge Art


Cocka-Trump Grunge Art

So I think everyone can agree that Donald Trump looks like a human Cockatiel

Donald Trump Probably the easiest person to mock and make fun of on the planet right now. So, don’t really want to get to political right now but I do want to make fun of someone who has a lot of power, how abuses it and won’t be affected by a dumb as on the internet making mean pictures of them in his spare time (it’s me I’m talking about myself). For starters after making my Xi Jinping drawing where I likened him to a Wombat, I started to think who else can I make fun of and liken them to an Australian Native animal, Donald Trump came to mind (because he’s easy to mock), but what animal? At first, I thought a Cockatoo because they’re aggressively white, annoying load and have a bright yellow crest. But, just before I started I thought no wait a Cockatiel would be better because they have bright orange checks and I remember my friend who has one telling me it’s really annoying when it wakes up at 3 am and starts loudly Tweeting for no reason, so yeah like Trump.

Now as to him being a bad world leader, the media like to paint him as an evil man, who is trying to ruin America for everyone who isn’t him and the person who can be blamed for everything that is currently wrong with western society. I don’t believe this, I do believe there is a level of corruption running through his government that much its plainly obvious to anyone (also any level of corruption is inherent with any government that’s just how things are), but I don’t think it’s the driving force behind his actions. What I believe is his problem is that he is fiercely dim and at the same time has a massive ego. He doesn’t understand how his own country works, now how the global trade system works, or even which countries are a part of the UK. While not knowing these things doesn’t make you a bad leader the belief that you have all this knowledge does. What Trump should be doing is surrounding himself with people that can support him in his weaknesses and help him run America but doesn’t believe he has these weaknesses. He would rather us people like objects that can be discarded, surrounds himself with those he “trusts” that put their own goals before those of the country. With his biggest flour being that he takes his own wrapped view of reality and imposes it on the world and is dumbfounded that his way of thinking is rejected by the world at large. 

I know people won’t agree with my view, but that’s what I think is the result of things happening in America right now, not that its run by an evil man just that its run by someone who doesn’t know how to run it. Which ironically could be a good thing for us all, you learn from failures and how to avoid falling into those same traps again.