Monster Musume Pop Art


Monster Musume Pop Art

Featuring: The Lovely Rachnera Arachnera

Monster Musume is an anime that if you’ve seen it you don’t really like to admit that you’ve watched it to other… you know because of all the shame, and the fear of other people looking down their nose at you as they say, “the fucks wrong with you”. The series is technical a comedy herm trash anime, but there’s almost an unreasonable amount of sexualised imagery throughout the series that is like half a step off from being pornography, like the creature really wanted to do hentai, but couldn’t quite bring himself to put his name to it. Although I really can’t talk after all I’m clearly just as much trash as the series, after all, I watched the entire series, enjoyed it enough to put several hours into drawing his favourite character (A sexy giant BDSM spider women) then thought I should post the image online -_- Clearly I can’t take the moral high ground on this one. Look the series is really funny and is entertaining as hell to watch and that’s all I can say in my defence. Anyway, here a pop art image of Rachnera I drew referencing the cover of one of the manga volumes.

So maybe share this with your friends that like pervert trash anime series and or those with weird Monster Girl fetishes.