Eden of the East Pop Art


Eden of the East

Featuring: Akira and Saki

Eden of the East is probably one of my favourite anime series topped off with three movies to complete the story (it’s actually probably the only one outside of Neon Genesis but that’s a total mess and let’s not talk about that). The story is great the characters are interesting and now that I’m sitting here writing about it I want to watch it again... if only I had time. The Long and short of the story is what would happen if you gave random people an insane amount of money, a phone that gave them the power to use that money in any way they see fit (like for instants calling for an air raid on a populated city) and only gave them one instruction “do what you can to improve the country”. That’s pretty much what the show is about and it's interesting. Anyway, here is a pop art image of the 2 main characters Akira and Saki, I used a promotional photo as reference, which probably not the best as it was covered in an ungodly amount of text.

Anyway, if you know what Eden of the East is and think others should check it out then why not share this image and be like “this you should watch this”.