Your Name Pop Art


Your Name

Featuring: Mitsuha and Taki (his back at least)

“Your Name” is a great anime movie that takes the dumb freaky Friday premise of a movie and actually makes something great out of it. The Movie has a great story, the arts amazing and the characters are lovable, honestly can’t say enough great things about the series. So instead lets me rip on J.J Abrams and his idiotic idea to do a live-action remake of a movie that came out in 2016. I can’t ever really understand why Hollywood always wants to do live adaptations of anime movies, the only reason I can guess is, it’s easy and they think they’ll make a lot of money based on the popularity of the original marital. Which is a line of thinking that is rather insulting like its saying “sure this was good, but if it weren’t a cartoon then it is better” like the art form is worth less then film? Moreover, they tend to take to this adaptions without any care or understanding about what makes these properties great, they just want the box office returns. You might think that I’m being cynical but hummer me for a second and cast your mind back to 2016 when Pokémon Go was big, what did Hollywood announce they would be working on when Pokémon hype was at a fever pitch? A live action Detective Pikachu movie, something that’s clearly going to be horrible and was only made to capitalise on hype… the movie is still coming out in 2019 by the way so look forward to that.

Anyway, getting away from that rather venomous topic like I mentioned I really enjoyed “Your Name” hence why I drew this pop art image of the two main characters Taki and Mitsuha, referencing a promotional image I saw for the movie.

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