Assassin's Creed Retro Art


Assassin's Creed Retro Art

A Retro styled image done in a Victorian era style… well at least attempted.

Last week I finished playing Assassins Creed Syndicate, and oh boy was it “good” (meaning I enjoyed the game and it wasn’t good for a triple-A product). At this point, the Assassins Creed games are more like sitting around with your mates watching a bad B movie and laughing at the terribleness of it. After all, you can seriously expect me to feel emotionally attached to a character who will mid-sentence crumple their own head into their chest and pop back to normal in a single frame… that’s just funny. But still, there were parts I liked the grappling hook was great wade wall climbing obsolete, but the ending was bad got to say playing through a game to stop the bad guys from getting the magical healing robe. Only for them win regardless and shoot your mate was kind of like oh so it was all for nothing, then the game kind of rubs salt in the wound a little bit by having a pretty smug looking woman be like “oh damn we didn’t get the thing… oh well, we’ll get them next time… by the next game asshole”. (not word for word of course but that’s the general gist of it). Oh, and Jacob was an annoying asshole as well like he’s the equivalent of a Victorian area man-child… so maybe don’t write one of your main hero’s as completely unlikable.

Anyway, I made this slightly retro-styled art for the game, I tried to replicate poster designs that are synonyms with the time the game is set but also the sci-fi aesthetic of the game I don’t think it came up great. But still maybe share this with anyone of your friends that enjoys the Assassins Creed games like the B grade movies they are.