Children who chase lost voices Pop Art


Children who chase lost voices Pop Art

Feature Asuna and Shin plus a gaint creature that is meant to fairy the dead to the afterlife.


I watched “Children who chase lost voices” right after I watch the new “IT” movie, mainly because I wanted to watch something a little bit more calming before I go to bed so I put this movie on… about 10 minutes in a little girl is almost killed by a giant mutant bear thing but is saved by a mysterious boy, who that night throws himself off a cliff … (way to go I’m already feeling calmer… should sleep well tonight). Honestly, I didn’t think the movie was going to be as deep as it was, the story is mostly about death and how people deal with grief but hidden behind a fantasy land story. Also, it’s a very well animated an pretty movie I just wouldn’t recommend it if you think it’s a good idea to watch it after a horror movie… because it’s not, it was almost as bad as the time I put myself through a double fetcher of “Blade Runner” and “Annellation” that wasn’t the best thing to try and fall asleep to. But this image pop art image I drew is referencing a part of the movie when Shin and Asuna run into this creature that’s meant to ferry the dead to the afterlife… but then eats them and jumps down a giant hole… this movie is a little weird I’ll say.

Maybe share this with some of your friends that have made poor viewing choices before bed, or who like pretty, well-animated things.