Darker Than Black Pop Art


Darker Than Black Pop Art

Featuring: Hei and Mai… at least i think is Mai.. its been a while since I’ve watched the series ok!

Here’s yet another throwback to an older anime series that probably not many people remember/have watched Darker than Black, is a series about an otherworldly event that caused all the stars in the night sky to disappear, and caused random people to develop supernatural powers while simultaneously turning them into sociopaths (that is to say strip them of all emotions, not so much make them violent, but still maybe not the kind of people you want to have with superpowers). But really the series is enjoyable until you get to the last season things get a bit weird. But none the less I still enjoyed the series so much so that I drew this pop art style image referencing a panel from the manga of Hei and I think Mai… it’s been a while since I’ve watched the series ok.

You should share this with anyone that you know who likes Sci-Fi Nora anime series set in a dystopian near-future world, but maybe tell them to skip the last season, it doesn’t really add much to the story.