Clannad Pop Art


Clannad Pop Art

Featuring Nagisa … or Ushio… I don’t know I never understood who the girl in the field was meant to be… oh and also robot.

Clannad also known as, the story that will make you the saddest, follows a group of school kids through their not to exciting lives and seems pretty normal and a slight boring for the most part, but interesting enough to keep you going episode to episode until about halfway through the series when all someone comes out and starts to hit you over the head with the tragedy hammer. I don’t want to spoil the story too much if you haven’t seen the series, but just know it when shit starts going downhill it never really gets better, you start to think it does then suddenly a random car full of doomsday comes out from nowhere. But watch it it’s a great story I enjoyed it hence why I made this pop art image of Nagisa… or Ushio I never really got who the girl in the field was meant to be, but if you know let me know.

So why not share this with your friends that like tragic stories about everyone you love slowly disappearing from your life while you're left a hollow shell of your former self that can only be filled with alcohol… have a great day everyone.