Love Tyrant Pop Art


Love Tyrant Pop Art

Featuring: Seiji and Guri

Love Tyrant is a pretty fun anime that is basically a parody of Death Note but in seated of power-hungry sociopath with a hero complex killing all those he deems to be evil, you have a hyperactive angle demon girl who is obsessed with forcing unwitting men into gay relationships (not a joke that is a defining portion of Guri’s personality) so like I said a fun anime. But really, it’s a pretty decent harem anime that’s a little different from the norm and plays up the traditional character tropes to make it interesting and I don’t know why I’m writing this like a review… I enjoyed the show that’s why I made this piece of pop art of Guri and Seiji using a page from the manga as a reference. Umm oh, I also wanted to close off with at the end of the series it had no right to make me think about relationships and what is the most terrifying thing about starting one with someone… I came for laughs not to questions my own insecurities when it comes to romantic relationships… though that being said I still agree with what the series had to say.

Anyways maybe share this with anyone that enjoys trashy anime, or weird love triangle stuff because it has a fair amount of that thrown in for good measure.