Infamous Second Son Retro Art


Infamous Second Son Retro Art

Yet another 90’s grunge style retro art image of a some what current video game

I only noticed this week that for some reason I’ve been making a lot of stuff based around Infamous second son, I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve made a jacket with the design from the game, a big stencil for my bag based of the infamous Kama symbol and now a 90’s style graffiti poster around the game maybe because recently I decided to reply the game doing an evil run because I don’t usually do that in games with a moral choice system. I don’t even really think that the game is that great like I enjoy the open world superhero genre, but the game gets a little repetitive but I think it’s the design and artwork of the game that really draws me in.

Anyway, here is a 90’s grunge style influenced image that was inspired by the graffiti art that Delsin makes in the game.

And maybe share this with any of your friends that like either video games, amateur graffiti art or a third thing that I can’t think of at this time.