Dragonaut The Resonance Pop Art


Dragonaut The Resonance Pop Art

Featuring: Toe and a Dragon

Dragonaut: The Resonance, is an anime series with a pretty simple story, giant space dragons come to earth and can transform into people find a human partner that can pilot them, because they’re like a machine hybrid dragon spices with cockpits in their heads. So they need a pilot to fly them even though they can fly, fight and move about on their own, also naturally the dragons want to bang the ever loving hell out of their pilots otherwise you might not have a story if they didn’t. I’m trying to remember the story I think there is an evil dragon that wants to destroy the world by bringing even more dragons to earth… which attack people… but they need people to pilot them… I can’t recall I just remember all the tits and ass and how the protogines are pretty much the power rangers expect instead of being aimed at kids, they're meant to appeal to the horny teenager crowed (because it’s all hot anime guys and girls living together). Anyway here’s a Toa Pop art image, I also wanted to try something different, usually I find an image from the anime or manga and redraw it, but this time I wanted to make something from scratch and do it in my own art style in order to get more practice in with it and also refine it and make my work more unique, also I wanted to draw a cool Japanese style Dragon, the ones in the show don’t look like this their like these Zoide looking robot things.

Maybe share this with your friends that like anime like this series, dragons or stuff that is aggressively pink.