Black God Pop Art


Black God Pop Art

Featuring Kuro and wolf shaped blast

Yay, I’ve finally made my way to a series I really loved called “Black God” which is actually a Korean manga, or I guess it would me Manhwa (Korean for comic) but the series is set in Japan… a little confusing but meh. Anyway, the art style of the series is amazing with heaps of detail especially in the fight scenes, the story it’s a bit complicated, I could spend 10 minutes explaining the law but here’s the short version: Guy meets girl how turns out to be a kind of deity, they form a contract by swapping arms, then fight other deities and their contractions, there’s this whole thing about double gangers and if they meet each other the weaker on dies and bad guy wants to destroy the world because… F**k the world I guess. But no if that poor excuse for story summary has you interested check out the series it really is quite good. Anyway, here is a pop art drawing of one of the main characters Kuro punching a wolf blast from her fist, why wolf, well on the cover of one of the manga’s it has here sat with two wolfs and that’s about it lol.

If you’d like to share this with any of your anime fan friends that be awesome.