A Rambaling Thought On: Recovery of an MMO Junkie


Recovery of an MMO Junkie

A Rambling Thought

I started watching Recovery of an MMO Junkie mainly because of a recommendation from a friend and stuck with it mainly because, it was interesting but also because, the series is a part of a new trend in short anime series, that being stories that are grounded in reality and soul focus on character development to progress the plot.


The plot follows a woman in her 30’s who is feed up with her stressful job, no longer happy with where she is in life anymore. She decides that that the last time she was truly happy, which was when she is playing MMO games. So, she quits her job and starts playing games full time alone at home, something all of us have thought about doing.


But from some certain extraordinary circumstance, Morioka (our main protagonist) meets a man named Sakurai who, I’m just going to say it, is a total bitch (-_-). From the very start he seems like an alright guy, will do the right thing and all that Jazz, but when it comes to asking out Morioka, because all he has to do is talk to Morioka and tell her how he feels but he won’t do that, and he’ll just sit there with a emo face as Morioka starts to move away from him (emotionally). But thankfully Sakurai pulls his finger out at the end of the series but God Damn its painful. (Also, that’s not a spoiler its painfully obvious that they’ll end up together from the start of the series).


But Sakurai’s character development isn’t the focus of the story (mainly because he goes from a bitch to slightly less of one). No, the character you are routing for throughout the series is of course Morioka she starts off the series as a person who is run down and drained by the pressures society has forced on her. Again, this is something everyone can identify with because at sometime everyone was felt run down by the day to day over life. By the time the series end Morioka has started to get better and begins to integrate back into society.


I say, “get better” because like I said this story is grounded in reality, its clear from the start that Morioka is suffering from depression and depression isn’t something that you get better from. The series never out right says its depression and hides behind bright colours and humour, it is however a core theme to the series. If you pay attention to the opening credits its clear that’s the underline theme of the series so check it out I promise its more interesting then it sounds.