A Rambling Thought On: Little Witch Academia


Little Witch Academia

A Rambaling Tought

I watched this series for 2 reasons; reason 1 its animated by Studio Trigger and I love everything they do. Reason 2 because I watched the animated special based on the manga (also animated by Trigger) and wanted to see more of the story.


Now this series took me a while to get into, for a long while, I didn’t really start enjoying the anime until episode 13. The main problem I had was Akko’s character, she’s very annoying and self-centred for a lot of the series and that only becomes endearing towards the end when the main villain is finally introduced, and the story finally gets rolling. The best way I can explain the anime as ass hole girl Harry Potter goes to a magic school and with her massive ego makes everyone else life painful.


That being said Akko in the special episodes (That are long enough to be movies) is actually quite endearing, and Akko is actually likeable from the start. Although I really like the character “Chariot” the story of her character is really interesting. She started off as a subpar witch, has an amazing quest forced on her, becomes a great witch, has a fall from grace, becomes a teacher and ultimately redeems herself.


This will also sound odd but, all the other characters in the series are far more interesting than Akko, (which is a bad sign when your supporting cast is more interesting than your main) meaning it more interesting to watch the characters around Akko grow and change then it is Akko. Hell, there is even a girl that doesn’t talk, and she has more dimensions than the main character.


So, in short, I say watch the series if you like a good animation but, watch the special episodes and skip the first 12 episodes of the anime, unless you want to watch the story of an ass hole little girl becoming less of an ass hole through the power of magic and friendship.