A Rambling Thought On: Mob Psycho 100


Mob Psycho 100

A Rambling Thought

The entire reason I watched Mob Psycho 100 was because I heard someone say, “Oh it’s made by the same guy that made One Punch Man” to which I replied “sir please stop talking I have an anime to binge. I was nowhere neat disappointed with that diction either.


Mob Psycho 100 has a similar theme to One Punch Man yes, where the main character is so powerful that nothing can stand up to them, but unlike Saitama, Mob is terrified by his power and seeks to supress and control them as much as possible. Which is to say the series isn’t all dark and gloomy, not at all it is ridiculously funny as Mob is a super socially inept guy who blunders his way through social interactions as badly as the rest of us, but is completely calm and uninterested when put in a dangerous situation even as all the other characters around him collectively lose their shit.


By far my favourite character in the series is Mob teacher/boss, he’s an egotistical con-man that somehow wants to manipulate Mob into doing all his work for him while simultaneously offer him proper guidons on how to us his powers and teach him what it is to be a decent human. It’s so fucking bizarre how his character flips between a complete dumb ass con-man, to a wise teacher, to a complete Bad Ass at the end of the series. He’s kind of like Batman in a way, except poor, dumb and weak-willed, so nothing like Batman I guess except the fact that he is a Bad Ass without powers.


Also, my other favourite thing about the series is how it is both one of the ugliest drawn anime’s I’ve seen but also the most well animated. If you haven’t seen I please check it out because the animation is truly insane. You don’t even have to watch the series to figure that out either just watch the opening animation and you’ll see what I’m talking about… hell, hers a link to the video check it out.