A Rambling thought on: Sekirei



A Rambling Thought

I watched this series for much the same reason anyone does in their mid-teens… the plot I watched it for the ample bouncing plot……………….


So, the story, the premise for this action-packed guise to sexualise female cartoon characters is as follows. Some dude somewhere is going about his business, normal everyday dude just doing his normal boring life stuff (incidentally this is when I started to notice a trend in harem animes). When all of a sudden, an extremely beautiful girl with superpowers falls from the sky and their lives become entangled in craziness, high jinx, superhero city destroying fights and bizarre sexual encounters that seem to defy all logic and the laws of the universe.


As more super powered women begin to show up in this dude’s life, all seemingly falling in love with him at first site, I hear you asking but where are they coming from? Well I’ll tell you, somewhere in Japan is a government organisation whose soul goal is to create super soldiers to fight in their army (despite the fact that Japan hasn’t had a standing military since WWII). This organisation also seems to be run by the hornist and laziest scientist. Because as their super soldiers continue to escape containment they never make any real attempt to recapture them or any effort to guard them to try and stop them from escaping, they simple go “oh damn another got out… well better make another”.


Like I said the anime has a great lot of “Plot” and seriously some pretty decent animation the creators of the anime seemingly put as much effort into the fight scenes as they did the boob animation. So what I’m saying is, it’s really well animated why not check it out if you want to see some real trash.