The Legend of Zelda Breath Of the Wild Retro Art


The Legend of Zelda Breath Of the Wild Retro Art

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was a really enjoyable I sunk a lot of time into the game and loved every minute of it, except the weapon degradation system that got old after about 10 minutes and constant arrow shortage really slowed the game down. Oh and the main story was too short if I didn’t spend hours messing around getting shrines and upgrading gear to have the slightest advantaged against enemies not to mention all the health items I hoarded like a never-ending famine was about to hit High Rule I could have banged the main quest out in like 4 hours there wasn’t really much there as far as story goes not to mention the story just ends beat Ganon and done credits role. Also, I know the games over a Year old now and I’m a bit late to the party with these complaints but I just finished the game so its new to me damn it!

But still, I enjoyed the game enough to spend a considerable amount of time working on a fanart image for Breath of the Wild making it look like an old comic book cover, which here enjoys.

If you don’t mind why not share this with your friends that are big Zelda fans and see if they get a kick out of it.