Space Patrol Luluco Anime Art


Space Patrol Luluco Anime Art

Featuring: Luluco

Yet another series that I really liked was Space Patrol Luluco, also this one two is bad by studio trigger. Unlike most anime series this shows episodes are only like 10 minutes long and go by really quickly but because of the face pace of the show it's super funny and really enjoyable. The story is off the wall crazy, takes place on a future earth where humans and aliens live together. Then one-day Luluco’s father is frozen in a block of ice and she, a school girl has to take his place working for the earth branch of Space patrol (law enforcement) as an officer. Plenty of stuff happens that I don’t want to say too much about because it will take too long but main points are: Luluco falls in love with an unfeeling pretty boy, her mums a space pirate and the many villains goal is to steel a Krystal which is a physical embodiment of her love for pretty boy but is ultimately worthless, they just want it because they want it, lest their motives are clear. But, to finish up here is a fanart image of Luluco done in my style of drawing hope you enjoy.

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