Just Cause 3 Retro Art


Just Cause 3 Retro Art

Done as almost a polar opposites to soviet union style art

I just got back into playing Just Cause 3 recently, I stopped playing partly because I was bored with it and partly I hit a mission I was having trouble with and couldn’t be to bothered sinking much more time into it. But recently I thought I should give it another go and my, my I really like that game, it’s such an over the top action game its really heaps of fun just getting around and blow absolutely everything up. It does some have drawn backs like why do I have to do a shooting challenge in order to unlock the ability to aim -_- seems a little stupid don’t you think? Also if you screw up with the wingsuit Rico really like to roll around on the ground before he gets up again, kind of slows the game down, but besides that it’s a great game and I’m enjoying it, so much so that I made this retro style art image that is meant to reflect that imagery and colours of the resistants group in the game but still have the ecstatic of Communist styled art, which is also a feature in the game (meaning the bad guys are communist).

So maybe share this with any of your friends that either also enjoyed the game or this that just like stuff with a lot of action and none stop explosions, because in this game literally everything that can explode with exploding until you start dropping all the frames.