Tusgumomo Pop Art


Tsugumomo Pop Art

Featuring: Kazuya and Kiriha

Tsugumomo is one of those anime series that, if you watched it you don’t really like to openly admit to anyone, mainly because of all the deviant theme that runs thick throughout the show… But I guess I’ll say that yeah, I watched the whole series, I didn’t feel good about it and needed to have a few showers to try and wash myself clean, but I did watch it. Nah but seriously if you can get past the smut it’s a pretty decent show. Also I’ve decided to maybe read the manga mainly to continue the story but also as I found out when I was looking for some reference images for this pop art image, in the Tsugumomo manga the art style is insanely good, like someone put in some real effort into making a comic that is overflowing with some of the smuttiest stuff with some ridiculous well-drawn action scenes. So here is a pop art image I drew of Kazuya and Kiriha referencing the cover of volume 2 of the manga.

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