Noragami Pop Art


Noragami Pop Art

Featuring: Yato, Hiyori, to a lesser extent Yukine (the sword) and of course moth number 3.

I recently finished this pop art image of Yato and Hiyori and to a lesser extent, Yakine (he’s the sword in the image) form the series Noragami. I loved this series until the end of season 2 which ends on a cliffhanger of the reveal of the main villain… >:( I need more damn it. I tried to think of more to write about this series but I can’t really think of any besides it pretty good and maybe watch if for any reason other than the animation is done by studio Bones who do amazing fight scenes see soul eater and My Hero Academia as examples. Anyways here is the image I used the cover of the first volume of the manga as a reference.

If you know anyone else that enjoyed this series why not share this with them, and wounder is season 3 will ever be released.