Akira Pop Art


Akira Pop Art

Featuring Kaneda and his sweet bik.... oh.

What is everyone’s favourite future dystopian anime set in 2019? Its Akira, Akira is the answer, it’s always the answer. I know that’s a little short but this picture took me 2 weeks to finish and made me relies 2 things; 1 Katsuhiro Otomo has ridicules amounts of detail in his art “which makes it a pain to replicate, and 2 that I need to get a new iPad, turns out a 6-year-old iPad mini isn’t the best to draw high detailed imagery on without it crashing every 2 minutes (I just wanted to crush it in my hands -_-). But it’s done now yay so here’s a pop art image of Kaneda sitting on a throne made from and hold mouldy chair surrounded by the remains of his sweet red bike, as seen on the cover of Volume 13 of the manga. Also, fun fact if seen the movie check out the manga because the movie only covers half the marital of the manga.