Akiba's Trip Pop Art


Akiba's Trip Pop Art

Featuring: Tamotsu, Arisa, Matome and Niwaka

Have you ever heard of a video game where you engage in bare-knuckle brawling in the streets with vampires and the only way to defeat them is to strip them of their clothes so they burst into flames?

Well, it’s called Akiba’s Trip, and it also got an anime based on the games. Also, I want to say this show with such a purvey and stupid premise doesn’t deserve to be as well animated as it is, but I am grateful it is. The show is lots of fun and filled to the brim with reference to all the facets of otaku culture. I enjoyed it so much so that I draw this pop art image of the main characters heavily referencing the art from the cover of the soundtrack, Just, so I’ve made this clear, it’s an image referencing an Album artwork, from an anime based on a video game. :P

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