A Rambling Thought on: Persona 5


Persona 5

A Rambling Thought

Finally, I finished the game, after 125 hours according to my last save file at least. Although despite all the time I sank into the game I could easily keep playing it for longer it’s just so addicting.


For those of you who haven’t played a Persona game before; you play as a young Japanese boy who for one reason or another has changed schools/ towns for a year because of some reason. In Persona 5’s case you have been placed on probation for a year for a crime and sent to Tokyo.


After this your character uncovers a mysterious other world and once there you will uncover a plot that could kill or hurt people. To aid you on your quest, you will meet new allies and grow strong friendships with them in order to grow stronger. The game play is a mix of turn based fighting with dungeon crawling and text-based life simulator, might sound dumb but its very addicting.


The Story in Persona 5 has a young man accused of a crime he didn’t commit sent to live with a family friend in Tokyo. While there it becomes very apparent that not everything is as it should be, Mental illnesses are on the rise and corruption is rampant through out the city. This leads protagonists to step into another world unknowingly called a Palace. With the help of some new friends you infiltrate the Palace and destroy it, this in turn causses’ a change of heart in a cruel teacher at your school and forces him to admit to all his wrong doings.

The Group (a collection of teenagers that have all been terribly wronged by adults and the society they created) then realise that they can help fix the city by causing changes of heart in all the corrupt leaders of the city and reform society for the better in the process. They do this by having Phantom Thief styled heists that are so interesting and unique that you’ll will be stuck playing the game until the early hours of the morning.


I would really recommend playing this game, the story is amazing and fun, and it does get dark at times as well for all you drama fans. The Characters are great, and you really feel for all of them even some of the bad guys. Also, for those of you that don’t play games or aren’t interested in the time commitment, first shame on you but second, they have announced the realise of the anime for this year (2018).

PS. Futaba is best Girl :P