The Liberals House


The Liberals House

A representation of how the liberal government see’s the country, meaning companies first the people 2nd.

Sooo… I know this is a bit late the whole projecting an advertisement for a horse race to encourage gambling on the Sydney Opera House happened weeks ago so probably not so relevant anymore, but the Liberal has a -6% projected swing in Victoria after their last election, lost yet another MP and with the next federal election set for May let’s keep going at the libs.

Now the thing that really annoys me about the Liberal Party which I think was perfectly personified by their approach to the whole Sydney Opera house debacle is its exactly how they see the country. It’s all about business, it’s about doing everything they can to let companies do what they may and not considering what the people that elected them want or need (cutting awards rates for example). But why do what’s best for the voters, after all, they’re not the ones funnelling millions of dollars into your party, no they’re just the ones that pay your wage. Don’t think it’s true? Why do you think the Liberals are opposing the idea of an anti-corruption watchdog? Is it because everything’s fine or are they doing deals on the side? Also, don’t think I’m not critical of the other parties Labor’s support of the TTP, Chinas one belt one road and Adani are an absolute Joke! The Greens can’t be stuffed pull their heads out of their own ass to run a party and One nation is the political equivalent of your neighbour’s dog who barks and carries on like a mongrel all day as soon as your neighbour goes to work.

But by far the worst is the Liberal party, they steel tax payer’s money from public schools to give to private schools, literal stealing a future from poorer children. Gives Australia the shittest internet connection so Rupert Murdoc’s news empire can continue to have no competition in Australia, after all, he is an old man if his profits dropped ever so slightly he could have a heart attack and wouldn’t that be sad. Oh, and a third thing can be underfunding public health care system, while simultaneously pouring more money into the private health care because stuff the poor.

I remember the phrase “It’s Un-Australian” being thrown around when the Sydney Opera house stuff happened, when hate to tell you this but the Liberal party (who probably use that phrase more than anyone else) are as Un-Australian as it gets, their business plan and simple for them it’s not what’s best for the country it’s “what’s in it for me”. Honestly, if oil companies wanted to carve Uluru into the Shape of Tony Abbott’s dick and rig it so it sprays oil all over the desert at sunrise the Liberal Party would let them if they paid them enough.

Anyway, here is they Opera House covered in logos like a v8 supercar, couldn’t bring myself to do the Tony Abbott thing, it’s too small you see. Also, share this around to either nod in agreement with your hipster friends or to piss your nan off with.