Space Chest


Space Chest

So, why do Americans/annoying people on Twitter hate sexuality so much? More specifically female sexuality. The main reason I even drew this picture was after seeing how people on twitter absolutely lose it over the character design of a new female character for Persona 5. The main gripe people had was that you could see her thighs, like we’re back in the 1800s and the female body is a shameful, sinful thing that needs to be hidden, for a bunch of people that label themselves as progressive they sure hold some conservative views. 

Now a big argument that they held was that the character was a teenager so ATLUS was sexualising a child, which I got to say I agree, you should never sexualise a child, but there are a few problems with the argument these people put forward. The first is the character’s design was a reflection of the fact that she is a gymnast, so the creators incorporated that into her character design, in a way that was clever and subtle, by adding a leotard to her costume. A thing a lot of the people who were banging on about her design probably don’t understand, because many of their own character designs are about as subtle as a fireworks display.

The other problem I had with the same people is that while they are all gun how about protect this poor non-existent teenage girl from being sexualised they don’t seem to care when it’s a teenage boy. In fact, the obsession with taking male teenage characters and putting them in quite graphic sexual position bordering on straight up porn with other male characters is seen as somehow expectable. Yeah, Kevin Spacey tried the “Nah its ok because its gay” method and that didn’t really fly. Also, why is it always My Hero Academy? Getting really sick of seeing characters I like being put in graphic sexual positions and that being totally ok, because “underage people banging is ok as long as it's gay”.

Anyway I’m done ranting enjoy the astronaut with the big chest, also if you want to see what’s under the censor bar, to bad there’s nothing I didn’t bother drawing it it’s just a curve, sorry you bunch of pervs ;)