Printer Head Anime Art


Printer Head Anime Art

Sometimes working in an office can be really horrible, at times I feel like I’m just a piece of equipment that others use. I don’t know when I first thought of this drawing I was a bit more frustrated with my role but now that its finished I don’t feel that way, maybe it’s because the image is finished and I feel better now or maybe the things that were getting at me don’t worry me so much. Still, from time to time I really hate working in an office mostly because of the isolated feeling of it all begin surrounded by people but somehow not at the same time.

Being able to create a visual representation of how I feel sometimes at work was a big help kind of made me see how things are and realise what I can do to change it. Now that I’ve thought about my situation it’s given me new goals I want to work towards, motivating me to do more. I recommend giving it a try even if you’re not that creative make something that represents the negatives of your situation and you might have an epiphany of what you can do to improve it.