Auto Reaction


Auto Reaction

Pop Art

I don’t really know what got me to draw this picture I think it came from my frustration with the current trend in online discourse you see today most of which is really prominent on social media. It seems like everyone’s reaction to anything is utter hatred towards everything, regardless of context, situation or meaning, with the ultimate goal of the offender being completely and utterly ostracisation from the wider community.

I understand being upset, but the problem with what I see online is that I don’t think that its legitimate hatred, it’s more of just a default reaction in order to garner praise for whichever small community you might belong to. I don’t really want to call anyone group out because it would be pointless as literally every group online is guilty of this behaviour.

It’s like everyone likes being sad, so much so that when something happens they will spend hours bathing in their negative emotions in order to garner more imaginary internet point (or in the case of YouTube an actual monetary incentive to be upset). If you truly where upset be something online would you simply not walk away? Put your phone down and occupy yourself with a calming activity instead of continuing to wallow in something that you find unsettling. Why would you continue your discomfort if you didn’t enjoy it?

I hope this image captures the way I see it, that no one really cares about the what they see online, that their angry reactions are solely artificial and only really expressed in order to fit in. That people are beginning to only react the way their phones tell them to react and not actually asking themselves “but am I really that upset”?