Xi Wombat


Xi Wombat

I made this simple because Think Xi Jinping looks more like a wombat then Winnie the Pooh

So, I drew this after I heard about how in China the government has not allowed the new movie Christopher Robin from being shown in theatres. While this is not unusual China is famous for being very selective about which Westerns films can and can’t be shown (because western ideas are cancer for a communist government) but the reasoning for Christopher Robin is petty, to say the least. If you're unaware the President Xi Jinping gets really upset when he is compared to Winnie the Pooh, which for a man that could sit down read 1984 get to chapter 3 put the book down and say, “Damn that Big Brother fellow has got some really good ideas I’d best do that”. Though seriously if you’re the now lifelong dictator of a repressive government that censors everything on your closed in equivalent of the internet, controlling what information your population can and can’t accesses, has Mass internment camps, constantly hacking other counties database’s to steal information on their citizen (I guess because knowing everything about your own people just isn’t enough) and let’s not forget China’s favorited pass time of dumping money into North Korea allowing them to continue repressing the living shit out of their people for fun of it and he can’t handle being compared to a fat cartoon bear is at the very least laughable.

Anyway the actual Image I drew was more along the lines of thinking well If Xi Jinping really can’t deal with the Winnie the Pooh reference then why not change it (maybe then kids in China will be able to enjoy the stories of Winnie the Pooh again), after all I always thought he looked more A wombat anyway, with his fat face, stumpy legs, small eyes, pouch on his back he keeps his copy of The Communist Manifesto and look like a man that would produce Cube shaped poop, which is a fun fact about wombats if you didn’t know already.