Blame! Pop Art


Blame! Pop Art

Featuring: Kirii, Zuru and a character from the manga I don’t know.

Blame! is a movie about, a substitute drama teacher at a suburban high school develops a taboo relationship with an unstable student, sparking a trail of jealous… Wait no, that’s all wrong Blame! (the real one) is a story set in a future cyberpunk dystopian world where robots have all but whipped out the human race and a stuck in a constant cycle of building a hugged mega city with no apparent end. I really enjoyed the movie on Netflix (I know that’s not a popular opinion and apparently the manga is better I will read it eventually when I get the time right now I’m reading Gwen Poole so I don’t have the time). Anyway, I draw this pop art image of Kirii and Zuru with one of the characters from the manga in the background (I don’t know who it is but I wanted to have an element from the manga because I really like its grungy art style). For Reference, I used the cover of the manga, a random screenshot from the movie and a panel from the manga.

If you like this why not share with your friends that also enjoyed the movie/ series or alternative show it to your friend that hated the movie adaptation and watch their eyes roll so hard they almost pop out of their skull.