The Boy and The Beast Pop Art


The Boy and The Beast Pop Art

Featuring Kumatetsu and Kyuta

So, there you are a small homeless boy on the streets of Tokyo barely making it by when all of a sudden, a huge half bear half man thing comes along picks you up by your head, proceeds to scare half to death, drops you and walks off, what do you do? Why you follow him to his magic world of other half animal half people monster things and asking him to train you in the hopes he becomes your new daddy is what. That’s about as good as a half-assed plot summary of “The Boy and The Beast” can get hope it was forth filling for you… But seriously the movie is great should check it out, the animation is great and the story is heart-warming and blah, blah blah (insert more crappy shill dialogue). Hopefully, you can’t tell I’m writing this in a hurry and just skip to the image. Speaking of which features Kyuta and Kumatetsu referencing the mine art images for the series you get if just google “The Boy and The Beast”.

Maybes Share with anyone that’s seen the series or how like movies that feature unconventional families, or don’t I’m not your mum I can’t tell you to do anything.