A Rambling Thought on: Space Patrol Luluco


Space Patrol Luluco

A Rambaling thoughr

I started watching this series solely because it was made by trigger, I know that sounds dumb but really, they know exactly what they’re doing I simple adore the animations that they come up with.



Unlike most other anime series Space Patrol Luluco is a very short miniseries, there maybe 13 episode no different from normal anime’s but each episode is only 8 minutes long. So, you can plough through the series pretty quickly. The series also seems to be a parody of every other trigger series, there are two episodes that are direct parodies of Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academe, that and Luluco’s mum looks like she’s right out of Kill La Kill complete with a top that is struggling to contain her boobs.


Everything about the series screams trigger with a rapidly escalating plot, ridicules characters and awesome animation. The Series also appears to have been made a little cheaper then other series with most backgrounds being either quickly drawn doodles or Photoshops of city’s that probably took someone an afternoon to slap together (very well slap together I might add). Don’t get me wrong it all looks amazing and it gives the series a unique style that really makes it what it is. I just wonder what the series may have looked like with more of a budget is all.


On the previous point I would like to mention that I make comics in my spare time (what little of it I have) and in the interest of time I will slap together a quick photoshop and use a rotoscoping technique to draw over the image or just straight up us blending and filters and place it into a comic so I’m in no way against the method. I even want to start doing more animation work and seeing stuff like Space Patrol Luluco makes me think maybe I can do stuff like it. I’ll defiantly be re-watching this series many times to come. As I recommend you do as well, whether you’re a trigger fan like me or just want a good laugh coupled with a cute little love story between two middle schoolers.


Also, I know I didn’t really talk that much about the actual story but that’s really hard to do with stuff trigger makes the story moves along so fast trying to encapsulate the story in a succinct manner without spoiling the story is really hard, don’t believe me try and give me a short summary of Gurren Lagann that is both interesting and spoiler-free in the comments.