Sekirei Anime Art


Sekirei Anime Art

Featuring: Mainly Musubi and chibi versions of the other girls

Sekirei is an anime that is… just some harem trash anime (so why did you watch both season of it then? Also, why did you take time out of your day to make some fanart for it? Are you some kind of sad person or something?) which first off don’t ask so many questions and don’t make me think so hard about my reasoning that’s a dark void I’d rather not explore.

So Sekirei appeals of the male fantasy of being surrounded by beautiful women (and one child which looking back on the series is a serious red flag, maybe ask the creator a few questions) all with superhuman strength and powers that could accidentally kill you if maybe they were having a slightly bad day and a slight lapse in judgement… so yeah basic male fantasy. The story isn’t much more than basic dude meets a girl with superpowers, girl falls in love with him because he’s so basically average that he could turn xenomorph blood into, water by just touching it (Also that’s a great science/ alien joke).

The story then really gets going when another girl enters the fray upon which the 2 girls fight then become friends when a new girl falls for Mr Basic Average. Rinse and repeat until you finish season 1. Season 2 is just everyone fighting over who gets to marry the average guy, until they all decide to become Mormon that way they can all marry him (that last bits not true I just can’t remember how it ends and can’t be bothered to look it up but correct me if you know).

Anyhow, here is an anime art image of the main girl Musubi and chibi versions of the other girls. I’d ask you to share this with your other anime fan friends but I don’t know about this one even I’m a bit embarrassed about this one.