Witchblade Pop Art


Witchblade Pop Art

Featuring: Masane and a random Demon

So Witchblade is a little different compared to most anime series is based on a western comic with the same name. The story goes as such the main character gets this demon claw thing embedded in their bodies (the Witchblade) that gives her the ability to transform into this very revealing BDSM costume, gives her super speed and strength and allows her to get off to killing… well, everything. I kind of forgot how sexual the series was until I went back and watched a couple of episodes to get some references images and damn even just normal conversations somehow are filled to the brim with tits and ass shots. Also, another thing I forgot about the series was that there is like a whole power ranger group of these Witchblade girls that look like they fell out of a Sci-fi porn parody. So, what you should be taking away from this is the show is absolutely flawless and you need to see it lol. Anyway, here is A pop art image I made of the main character having just killed a demon, also that’s not at all what the demons in the show look like, they look like robots of a car assembly line, which I didn’t think looked that interesting.

So, if you’re a fan of gory violence and or ridicules sex appeal maybe share this with your friends and go watch the series, also probably worth mentioning the main character is a single mother, so she is a strong independent woman, so that should appeal to the SJW’s.