An Overview of Dragonaut: The Resonance


Hey so you know what’s another anime series that is either old or no body watched it is? Why its Dragonaut: The Resonance, and no its not about Dragon astronauts. But it is about space dragons that look like mech’s but aren’t at the same time.

So, way back in 2007 a little series about space dragons came out, I thought oh awesome this should be great big huge fight scenes with robot dragons, blown stuff up, killing dudes… so cool… why are the dragons trying to bang their piolets?


Also, I should mention the dragons transform into people, mostly super attractive women, oh and one angry guy, but he’s still kinda hot. Also, they don’t bang like a giant dragon robots, but I would have like to see the series try to figure out the mechanics of that lol.

Right so the way the story goes as such; there’s a bunch of good dragons (the attractive ones) and they want to stop the evil dragons (also kind of attractive and some don’t transform) and they want to destroy the world. So, the Attractive dragons have to team up with humans to save the day. But who cares about that the story is more focused on the two leads that are pretty much in love from the start and the journey they go on. It’s mostly about the Guy saving the girl which is a little odd and should be the reverse since she is pretty much a superhuman that can transform into a giant robot dragon.


The series is more of a romance series then anything else, with some pretty cool Sci-Fi and action scenes scattered throughout, so if that’s your jam check it out.