An Overview of Last Exile


Last Exile


Its been a while since I watched Last Exile, but I do remember watching it which is what counts right?


So, what I remember the show being about is these two kids that are friends? At least I’m sure their just friends and not related (mainly because they seem to be interested in each other, so they can’t be related, although what’s her name from Elfen lied wanted to do her cousin and everyone thought that was ok).


Anyway, the story is about these Kids who deliver messages and packages to military air ships during this big war, also race in their spare time? Can’t remember it's been a while. Also, there’s this weird high-class cult royal family that live in a giant storm and hate everyone that isn’t them.

I do remember being more interested in the war scenes because the fighting style was a mix of WWII air combat and American Civil War ground fighting. Where in which these giant blimp things would pull up beside each other open their side doors and a line of soldiers would stand across from each other and shoot. They where Brutal Scenes and the way the soldiers acted before and after each battle reflected the brutality of the fight which was awesome.


So maybe check it out because there is some pretty solid stuff in this series and the characters are really engaging and despite the way, I explained the story it is really interesting.