A Rambling Thought on: Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry

A Rambling Thought

I started to watch the anime and got up to episode 6 before stopping, mainly because the series was split up into 3 discs with 6 episodes per disc, so I wasn’t going to pay $18 each for the other discs.


But from what I can gather each episode is pretty much stand alone and doesn’t really have an overarching story so did I really need to watch the whole thing? Honestly the Devil May Cry series never really made sense to me (as far as the story goes). I started the series by playing through Devil May Cray 4, by the time I finished the game I was like “the story was stupid and seemed like a 5-year-old wrote it, maybe I need to play the other games to get it”. I’m proud to say that’s what I did and everything makes sense now.


But not really, first thing I realised is each game is self-contained and the story’s make as much sense as a bucket without a bottom. The other was… where the hell is Neo? Turns out they just made him up and stuck him in the 4th game with no explanation as to how he gets a devil arm besides well it just looks really cool.


That’s when I read the manga (I swear I put too much time into a series I didn’t really care about) but, finally all my questions shall be answered right? Nope still don’t understand shit, what the “F” is going on, Dante goes to a haunted house and he’s brothers their they fight and then stop to talk for 20 pages about nothing all the while there’s the ghost of a women who does nothing if she wasn’t in the manga it makes just as much sense. Whatever, remember the DMC remake, the one with Emo Dante, the one everyone hated? That game was great because it had all the fun game play from the other games except with interesting characters and a sum what coherent story.

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So, in closing… I don’t know skip the anime, manga and older games because they’re confusing as all hell and the anime and manga are just straight up boring. But the best way to approach the games is to treat like a B-Grade movie the story isn’t going to make much sense and the characters are going to be just bizarre as all hell so it will have a kind of charm to it.