A Rambling Thought on: Corpse Princess


Corpse Princess

A Rambling thought

I’m Trying to remember exactly why I started watching this series, I think I watched the first episode somewhere or maybe it was on a sampler DVD I got from a magazine or something like that. Anyway, from what I remember this was a great series.


So, this anime series is part “Sankarea” (because it has zombie girls) and part “Black God” (because the zombies need to be partnered with a human or they go crazy and die). The story is also part adventure to save Japan and part revenge tail with a little romance mixed in for good measure.

This is another series where it’s been a while since I watched it so I can’t remember exactly what the story is about, I know I could look it up, but that’s not nearly as fun to write about.


From what I remember there’s this Kid, just your normal high school boy (original character alert) who lives alone (I don’t know exactly what the number of self-sufficient children in Japan is but I don’t think it’s as high as anime makes it out to be) is just going about his day when he runs into this strange woman. Some stuff happens and the shrine the kid was living at burns down and people the kid new are all dead and during all of this he somehow becomes bonded to the strange women who turns out to be a zombie.


Together the two go on a journey to take down an evil organisation that threatens to take over Japan, this organisation also happen to be the ones that burnt down the shrine the boy was living at. But, also the organisation also where the ones that killed the strange woman and her family, which made her become a zombie (because duh you have to be dead to become a zombie sorry that sentence was a bit self-explanatory). After this discovery, the story takes a turn and becomes a bit of a revenge tail. From what I remember its really well done and just make the story that little bit better and real.


But if you don’t believe me don’t be as lazy as me and actually look it up for yourself or check the series out for yourself.