A Rambling Thought On: WitchBlade. the anime



A Rambling thought

I first got into this series mainly because the DVD cover had a Badass red head girl, with demon hand and lots of cleavage that and the MA Rating with a nudity tag… I was 16 at the time can you blame me? Yeah probably yes…

Anyways the story, there’s this middle age lady just going about her business doing her normal thing when suddenly she is jumped by this Demon that almost kills her. When suddenly she hears this voice (never seen this before) and gets this awesome demon hand called the Witchblade (amazing). But moving on she uses her new demon hand to kill the demon that attacked her and gets this weird orgasm face while doing it. I’m just noticing I don’t actually remember much about this anime series and I mostly remember the; art style and the fact that the series is based on a western comic published by Top Cow. Oh, and despite the nudity tag, there isn’t any actual nudity just a lot of cum faces and people screaming the work ecstasy… oh and an absolutely un-godly amount of violence.


I really should re-watch the series, I have it on DVD after all, maybe I should put it on in the background while I’m working at home to try and jog my memory :P But maybe you should check it out as well, I hear it has lots of murder, orgasm faces and a great art style lol.