A rambling Thought of: Black God


Black God

A rambling Thought

Now this would have to be a not well known and a old series, so let me talk about it for a bit here.

I first got into the series by watching the anime, at the time I thought its ok nothing special; high school kid meets spirt girl and together they team up to bet evil people that want to destroy the world, stranded stuff. But that’s not where the story ends, after watching the series I came across the manga and thought oh hey I’ll flip through this mainly because the art in the manga is awesome. That’s when I realised that the manga is completely different, and I would say better.


So in the anime “Kinta” our main “Hero” is a regular high school boy that’s going about his life, he’s pretty timid and not very out going but always does the right thing, you know your every man hero. When one day he gets caught up in something he shouldn’t have been, and is nearly killed but luckily, he is saved by our heroin “Kuro”.  Kuro is a spirt warrior that helps keep the balance of the world, these spirt warriors can also become stronger by making a contract with a human. So, Kinta is stabbed in the heart and is laying there dying when Kuro comes to save him with the only way she knows how by swapping hearts with him, thus forming a contract with him (that’s how the contracts are formed in this world by swapping body parts which is fucking brutal in the manga). Also, don’t think this new partnership will make Kinta more interesting, he is absolutely useless until the last couple of episode and is a bitch the entire way, while Kuro does all the heavy lifting.     

Kuro’s personality between the manga and anime doesn’t change, she’s an innocent friendly girl, that will always do the right thing and will never give up no matter the odds she is up against. Kinta, on the other hand, is totally different and I would argue better in the manga.

In the manga, Kinta isn’t a little bitch high school boy, oh no! Manga in a 20 something bad boy of the Indie Video game industry, whose team just got hired by a big publisher. He treats his childhood friend like an ATM and treats her like garbage (who by the way only wants to Merry him, be with him forever and will do anything for him… so you feel really bad for her). So needless to say Kinta is an absolute prick, which makes watching his character grow and changes over the course of the story all the more satisfying as he grows into a better person.

So the short version of my rambling is, skip the anime and read the manga.