The Community App
The community app while branded as Broken Grin isn't just for this site's content, It is a place for people who like to create can come and share their work, whether it be; music, drawings, videos or whatever it is that lets you express yourself creatively. You can also follow and connect with others users who's work you enjoy. As well for those of you who aren't the creative type please fell free to share any of your nerdy interests no matter what they are, I'm into a lot of different Pop Culture things and I hope you are too, and with a bit of luck you will be able to meet other users that share the same interests to you.

Come Check it out


Why Amino?
I decided to create a community site within Amino for a few reasons, firstly I have been a member of the Anime Amino site for a while and I think it makes a great community site. Users are able to create Chats, Blogs, Favourites, Polls, Q and A's and private message each other. Secondly, It is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, meaning it is accessible to almost everyone, and along with being an app, push notifications can be used to keep members up to date with the goings on of the community.

The Broken Grin Amino app lets creators reach out, connect with and share with each other, as well, serves as a platform for other Pop Culture enthusiasts to connect with each other.

Also if that doesn't sound like your thing feel free to follow Broken Grin on Twitter or like us on Facebook, or if you're that one person of google+ come on and give us hand Greg every little bit helps. (Or if that's still not you, no sweat just keep on being awesome)